Monday, November 19, 2012

New Exhibit at The International Folk Art Museum

The Bobcat Inn

       New World Cuisine is the new exhibit coming to the International Folk Art Museum in December. It will feature the histories of Chocolate,Mate,y Mas. (and more). The exhibit will run from December 9 through January 3rd,closing on the 4th. The museum is closed on Mondays and also Christmas Day and New  Years day.
        This exhibit will show the earliest cultural mestizaje (mixing) of foods to take place in the Americas.This will highlight foods that were brought over from Europe via Spain and Asia via the Spanish.Chocolate and Mate are the two foods that are being featured and will trace the history of these two drinks and show how they became so popular during the colonial period as well as today.Mate is prepared by heating water and adding mate powder or leaves  and then straining it. It is drunk from a shared gourd or vessel with a silver straw. Sharing mate is a ritual and has it's own rules.The exhibit will include over 300 objects related to food gathering, preparation, table setting, kitchen items and utilitarian and decorative items that have helped to create the rich culinary traditions of the Americas today.

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