Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enchanted City Santa Fe New Mexico

This is a beautiful poem written about Santa Fe by an unknown author. Enjoy!!

Enchanted City

We sat by the fire, my friend and I,
And talked of Santa Fe.
She asked me what I'd miss the most
if ever I went away.

Then I thought of May when the acequias flow,
And the lilacs bloom like mad,
When the robins sing in our apple tree:
"Spring is here ,be glad!

I thought of chile and pinon wood,
And my friends of many a day,
of hollyhocks reaching to turquoise skies,
And the bells of Cristo Rey.

Of burros and 'dobes and fiesta so gay,
The majestic cathedral for a moment to pray
Of the breathless sight when the aspens change
In the beautiful Sangre de Cristo range.

Of snow softly falling on Chreistmas Eve,
Luminarias lighting the way
To welcome the Christ child once again,
When He is born on Christmas Day-

It is hard to say what I'd miss the most
If I ever went away,
But I hope and pray with all my heart
I can remain in Santa Fe...

Bobcat Inn

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